How We
Add Value

Iconic brands don’t just “emerge” and meaningful growth doesn’t just happen. It takes an exceptional partnership to scale a promising brand. We bring uncommonly keen insight and value to the process, without diluting your voice or compromising brand integrity.

Our flexible, long-term investment horizon frees us from the pitfalls of financial engineering and the pressures of short-duration investing to generate returns.

We’re partners for the journey, not just for the moment – solving problems, creating opportunities out of challenges, and leveraging our expansive network of relationships and resources to ensure your brand flourishes meaningfully and achieves all of its potential.

What We Look For in a Partner

High impact growth potential

A strong management team with vision

Proof of concept

Differentiated business model

Compelling unit economics

Clear growth channels

What We Provide Our Partners

Flexible, long-term investment horizon

$3-$30+ million equity investment

Expertise in launching start-ups, managing corporate growth & scaling private and public companies

Access to our expansive network of relationships and business development opportunities

Brand strategy and identifying market potential

Record of successful outcomes

Brands That
Elevate Your Life

We partner with brands across three target sectors: Consumer Packaged Goods, Sports & Entertainment, and Restaurant & Retail.

Our Partner Brands

Consumer Packaged Goods

Disrupting the status quo with forward-thinking products that reimagine their category.

Sports & Entertainment

Connecting and immersing you in sports, music, and gaming experiences that move you.

& Retail

Bringing you new, innovative culinary and shopping experiences to elevate your everyday.