Entrepreneurs First,
Investors Second

It’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. You brought your dreams and ideas to the point of breakout and now you’re at a turning point. It’s that very point that we understand best.

How do you scale your business successfully without losing control? You’ve talked to banks. They’re inflexible. You’ve talked to other investment companies, and they’re already thinking about replacing you. You see roadblocks and constraints at every turn.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the challenges and opportunities that come with next level growth. We use our influence and patient capital, and most importantly we get in there with you to accelerate smart growth.

Our Journey

We’ve been at this a while. It began when our founder, Brian France, led the transformation of a regional sport called NASCAR into the multi-billion dollar global sports entertainment powerhouse you know it as today. Brian saw the potential in helping promising brands navigate the opportunities and perils of scaling to grow wisely, reach widely and impact meaningfully. Bringing together a dynamic team with an extensive network of resources and a broad array of expertise and experience, Brian formed Silver Falcon Capital – an entrepreneurially-minded direct investment firm that partners with extraordinary emerging brands to fuel their next phase of sustainable growth.

Our Approach

When we partner, we mean it. We’re invested in your brand way beyond the dollars. It’s about creating meaningful, stable growth together, over the long term – our considerable experience, expertise, networks and resources working in concert with your voice, your vision, and your brand values. And through it all, we’ll apply our capital flexibly – patiently focused on the long game.

How we add value

Our Team

Behind the data, behind the dollars, behind the decisions: meet the people who take our partner brands from good to great to iconic.

Our Team